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Freebie Kits :D



Freebies from the Latest Scoop Too

I have been so swamped this week nothing has gotten done. A week ago my great uncle died and i feel like i have been going non stop since!!

But Latest Scoop Too has joined the Gingerscraps designer challenges! And has TWO freebie mini kits out, From the past two weeks, see im so behind.

They are beautiful mini kits!

WITH datestamps!

And here is my Layout!!


Cute huh!

Last week she came out with another mini kit too! This one called Be-leaf, and i did manage to get a kit done there too! DOWNLOAD HERE

And here is my layout!!

BOTH of thease mini freebie kits can be picked up at the GingerScraps designer forum! Head over there and grab them while you can!!!

Gratitude, a miss matched collab freebie kit(s)!

This is an except taken from Kathy at The Latest Scoop Too, explaining this Collab kit

Well, I have a funny story to share with you that goes along with this new kit. Several Weeks ago De aka Flower Scraps and I decided to do a collab. I sent her over some color swatches along with some possible names of kits. Well, there were two color swatches with the same name a Gratitude and a Gratitude 2. She wrote back and said she really like the Gratitude colors and thought we should go with that. Sounded good to me, so we both went on our merry ways creating our kits. Well, she sent me her previews and I wasn’t quite done with my kit so I didn’t look. I didn’t want her previews to persuade me into changing what I already had done. Once I was done, I finally pulled up her previews and kept looking at it. Something was different. I couldn’t figure out how she could have gotten some of the colors of her papers and elements with the colors we were using. It finally dawned on me to go take a peak at all the color swatches I sent to her. Well, I looked and realized that I used the Gratitude 1 swatch and she used the Gratitude 2 swatch. I just sat there and laughed and laughed! To me it was so funny. So, while this is meant to be a collab, it’s actually ended up being two separate kits with the same name. Too funny!

What si funny to me, is im on the creative team for both Kathy and De! Lucky me 😀

So here are the previews and my layouts!

From Kathy’s half!

And her kit preview, LINKED to her blog where you get the papers for free today!

And from De’s portion


And her preview, linked to her blog where you can get the papers for free!

As you can see, BOTH are beautiful Kits, containing an alpha each. I didnt have tons of time to use them at the moment, But i know ill go back to them, how perfect are thease fall kits for Thanksgiving and family get togethers. Make me think of hot cocoa on a cold day.

Hope you pick up those beautiful freebies! Remember previews are linked to their blogs! Enjoy

Have a happy scrapping day!

Latest Scoop Too got a wild hair and decided to have a sale! And a AWESOME sale at that, her stuff is awesome, so take this chance to grab some goodies while you can!! Fliar linked to the store.

I heart primary

The Latest Scoop Too has another kit out! This one is called I heart primary, again it is geared in general to her religion classes, BUT as you can see, its pretty and works for all sorts of things!!

Here is the full preview!

And what else is, that its a FREEBIE collab again! WOO HOO!

Here is the preview for its counterpart.

Here are my three layouts!!




So head on over to The Latest Scoop Too and pick up the papers today!!!

8 values freebie kit!!

The Latest scoop too, has a new freebie kit out called 8 Values for truth and rightousness. This kit was designed for their young womans group at their church but is a great primary color kit that works for everything! There is even calender parts to make your own calender! You cant beat that, and both kits are free!!

Here is Kathy’s preview

and its a collab kit with her sister in law at Growing Pains, Scrapped. So its huge!!!

Here are my layouts!



And because i love you, i made you my own freebie. A quickpage 😀


Rest assured the photo circles have been extracted in the download, for some reason the preview shows them as there. Oh wellz, i even downloaded it myself to be assured they are extracted.

i used 90% pieces from Kathys kit, and each layout has 1 or 2 elements from Growing Pains Scrapped, But you can get both kits for free! So hop to it!

SO be sure to run over there and grab Kathys kit and from there hit up Growing Pains Scrapped and get her half!! Each one made a full sized kit, you cant beat it!

All Play All Day by The Latest Scoop too, freebie kit!

WOO a weekend freebie kit.

This boy theamed kit called All Play All day was super fun to work with, Maybe because i have an abundance of boys!


Isnt it a great bright kit???


and a quickpage freebie for you!! Please click to download, its the same layout as above,  just much bigger because i ran out of time lol. Enjoy and dont forget to go to The latest scoop too and download this amazing FREE kit!!!

Ugh super tired mommy brain! DOWNLOAD HERE