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A few good pages

I have been so insanely busy with my “job” I actually have two ” jobs” one i go to work with my husband and do some various tasks for him. He is a private contractor and builds various things. I do alot of sanding, staining, painting and clean up for him. It saves him from hiring a task boy to do the job and me and the kids get to spend many days with daddy. But i ALSO have a work at home buisness. I make and sell hats. I create alot of fun designs and make them custom for people. Its alot of fun even if it dosent make much money, it makes some which is nice too! But between the two and my house, its been alot to keep up on! BUT never fear, i still scrap when i have time!  Here are a few pages from this month

All have been made for Challenges at Stuff to Scrap, get your happy bum over there and get in on the fun!


Joy to the World

Flowerscraps has a new kit out called Joy to the World, its a wonderful Christmas kit which is on sale untill Wensday!

Its such a fun cute kit! i made 4 layouts!


And Flowerscraps has a freebie mini on her blog! So swing by and check it out!

In The School House now, and Freebies, PLUS A awesome little blogTrain full of free stuff for you!!!

Throwing Some Scraps Around made a cool back to school freebie called In the School House Now!! Its fun and bright perfect for little kids going back or in my case, to their first year of school!!

Its only $2.00 for this month only! Awesome price for what you get!

I love the fun bright colors and the awesome elements she made to go with it!!

Heading off to school


And coming home!




NOW, Months ago when i said i was pregnant, Jodi decided to organize a little blogtrain making a baby kit for me and anyone else who wanted to use it! Now dont get me wrong, there is only so much pastels i can take for  a baby, and i about reached my limit with the first one. By the third son i wanted bright and colorful. So this great kit is unisex, bright and can be use for anyone!!







On to the FREEBIES!!!!!

now if you can believe it, other then my own portion, i only had 3 other peoples! There are 6 stops to check out! SO WOW. Jodi alone made a huge kit! Everyone did such a WONDERFUL job on this! Thank you all so much. Its a beautiful kit for me and everyone else to play with.

Here is what you get from me!

Frames and clusters!


And Wordarts!


And you havent seen anything yet! Check out what the rest of the team did, they make my work pale in comparison. There are some truely talented and awesome ladies working on this!

Remember life happens, if someone hasnt posted, PLEASE check back again, They might just be running late ( like me )


Have a WONDERFUL day!

Slowing Down

Hello Scrappers!

Well its getting to be that time. Im due in just 3 weeks, but we are hoping the baby decides to come earlier. As such im starting to really slow down. While you think it would leave me with more computer time, im actually nesting and doing alot of knitting. Making hats. I know, silly but its keeping me busy. Im also getting alot of things done around my house and all that fun stuff.

Also both Kathy at The latest Scoop Too, and Deanna at FlowerScraps have gone on vaccation this week. So without the push of new kits, i havent been getting on much for scrapping. Although Jodi has a new kit coming out later this week that you dont want to miss!  But i wont forget to blog about that!

There is the Stuff to Scrap Monthly Blog Train coming up, on the first. My first blog train that i made something for. WordArt of course.  But again, that isnt untill the 1st. So things are going pretty slow. I have a few wordarts saved on the computer that i havent shared, so ill post those at random, maybe make a few more sets for you to steal. But all in all, the rest of this month and August are going to be pretty slow for me, what with a new baby and all.

But pretty much that is what is going on, ill try to get some saved up posts and get two posted a week with freebies. But ill be back as soon as things get more calm and i get used to being a mom of three.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Scrap Book Layouts

While a good 85% of my layouts are made for my creative team designers. I do often do speed scraps and challenges at the Stuff to Scrap and Brownie Scraps forums. Here are some of my more recent fun layouts that dont involve a creative team 😀

smfor thememory,rebeccaspspdesigns. 31 weeks

smuseitorlooseit.cheesy boy


sm.snuggleberrypiedesigns.a little bit fishey



smtomboy.Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness & Rebecca_PSP Designs- ©2009


Hope you all have a great day!

Went Camping

Sorry i went MIA for a few days! I decided suddenly to go camping with my parents while i still could * getting pretty far along in my pregnancy now!!*
So i took the kids and we had alot of fun with marshmellows and hotdogs! Lots of photos to scrap, im so excited for it!
Anyway im so happy to be home.
I was hoping i would have enough schedualed posts to keep up while i was gone but apperently they ran out on the 4th. :/ I have plenty more that i can schedual out and i have several new kits from my lovely designers coming out here in the next week. And one i missed the date on, so that one will come first. Heres to some new stuff coming out very soon!!!

Camping photo made with Flower Scraps new collab kit called The Beach!