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About Me

Hello world!

Im Lina, Mama of 3 little boys! and i love digi scrapping our world.

We live in the frozen Tundra, or the deep Arctic. And we have lived here my whole lives and our boys are born here. Regardless we are enjoying beautiful summers and time spent outside.

I work with  3 designers on their creative teams, scrapping my photos with their amazing kits. I make freebie quick apges for them and sometimes, just sometimes i made a few other things such as photo frames, ribbons and wordart to go with their kits. So check in often and see what i can create for you to use. Everything i make, is totally free.  and psst, some of the designer kits i use come out free as well! And the ones that arent, well they are sold for very inexpensive and you can get some amazing things to use!

So thats me, my scrappy world is here!


Comments on: "About Me" (4)

  1. Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent
    That you have shared with us all and thank you so
    Very much for this amazing gift that you also share
    With us all bless you and hugs Nana Kat

  2. Alicia said:

    Checking out Deanna’s Flower Scraps blog, I saw that you are on her new CT. Since I live in Anchorage, your short bio which mentioned Alaskan Home Grown jumped out at me. I don’t seem to see too many Alaskans out in the digi world. I was just curious where in Alaska you are from. Congrats on making her CT.

    • Serenity said:

      wow Another Alaskan! Your right its impossible to find us lol
      Im from Wasilla. 🙂 Been here the last 10 years 😀

      Thanks ive been working with/for her for the last year and a half and LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff!

  3. I came here because of the Alaskan thing to – I was born in Anchorage and raised in Kodiak. I don’t live there anymore – left right after high school and never moved back. Nice to see some other Alaskans though.

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